Turnbull Home-One way or the Other

Malcom Turnbull, while still not claiming it has garnered enough support form Australia’s next Federal Government.

With the official count putting the Coalition at 74 seats and with three independents now offering their support of a Turnbull led Coalition Government.
The power of three
Independents Bob Katter, Andrew Wilkie and Cathy McGowan have all now given assurances not to block supply or vote against budget bills.

But commentators believe that the Turnbull led Coalition could still achieve Government in its own right.

This afternoon the Coalition is leading in 74 seats, Labor on 66 and Others on 5.

Those crucial Queensland seats of Capricornia, Herbert and Forde remain in play this afternoon and the Liberal Party closing in for the win in each of them.

In the meantime, Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has all but conceded that Labor is unable to form government and predicts the 45th Australian Parliament will last less than a year before it crumbles and Australians are back at the polls again.

With a House of Reps outcome soon to be settled, the attention of the political minds is swinging to the Senate, which is already being called a “quagmire of frustration” for an incoming Government.

The only question to be answered there, observers are saying, is how the numbers end up as to how difficult it will be for a Turnbull Government to actually Govern.