Not a bad earn – this election caper

$ 60 plus million…That’s a lot of wild dog fences, a good sized bucket of drought relief and many, many Kilometres of road fixes isn’t it?

But it seems Governments have better things to do with our taxpayer funds, like giving it political candidates who stood in the last Election.hand full dollars

The Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) this week authorised the first payment of election funding to political parties and candidates for votes received at the 2016 federal election.

This first round of payments is based on the progressive vote count as at close of business on Friday 22 July 2016.
A second and final round of payments of all outstanding funding entitlements will be made once vote counting is finalised.

In order to be entitled to election funding a candidate must obtain at least 4 per cent of the formal first preference vote.

Funding entitlements are calculated using an indexed sum per first preference vote. At the 2016 federal election, each first preference vote was worth 262.784 cents.

Here’s some of the amounts paid from the first round $60 million that’s raising some eye brows:
-Sex Party: $ 6,311.79
-Animal Justice Party: $ 34,114.28
-Australian Greens: $6,337,258.36
-HEMP Party: $ 6,311.79
-Pauline Hansen-1 Nation: $1,623,827.11
-Katter’s Australia Party: $ 157,743.09
-Glen Lazarus Team: $ 21,220.00
-Tony Windsor: $ 72,333.82
-Rob Oakshot: $ 70,762.00
-Andrew Wilke: $ 76,413.07

And now for the full list: