A 53% Increase in Dog Registrations

There are 2,097 dogs now registered in Maranoa Regional Council area…And that’s an increase of 53% to the number of pooches now officially registered.

Council conducts an annual Selective Inspection Program as one of the approaches it uses to encourage responsible animal ownership within the Maranoa region. This year the program was conducted from August to October.


This year’s Selective Inspection Program resulted in 321 new registrations and 408 renewals.

Council’s Community Safety Team inspected a total of 359 properties with the aim being to reduce the number of unregistered dogs and ensuring the provisions for keeping Regulated (Dangerous or Menacing) dogs were being maintained.

At the conclusion of the program, a total of 316 properties were compliant, with 43 properties requiring further action or follow up.

Councillor Puddy Chandler, Portfolio Chair for Community Safety says that State legislation requires all dogs over 12 weeks of age to be both registered and microchipped.

“By taking these simple steps pet owners will increase the likelihood of being reunited with their pet if it were to be lost or stolen.”

“We would like to congratulate all staff involved with the program for their efforts to raise community awareness around dog owner responsibilities.”

“Council has been able to update the animal register by removing 334 dogs that have either deceased or departed (no longer at the address), which has further improved our data integrity.”

Registration Renewals are due on June 30 each year.

So, if you are a new or existing dog owner and are yet to register your dog, please be a responsible pet owner and register your dog within 14 days.