Aussie Prawns: A Very ‘White Spot’ Christmas

Member for Kennedy, Bob Katter says he is shocked to learn ‘white spot’ disease has entered Australia and threatens our prawn farming industry.

prawn-supplyThe disease has been reported in two farms south of Brisbane and MR Katter says it’s a huge concern.

“We do not have white spot in Australia. White spot is a devastating disease in prawns and there is only one way it could have got here – through imported prawn product. “

“All other ‘smart’ countries won’t import seafood from a country that has white spot. But we have some of the lowest quarantine protections in the world.”

“Quite frankly I can’t think of anything that has been stopped from coming in.

“Out of probably 100 horticultural applications, all have been agreed too, similarly with seafood.”

“Australia has for some time been a net importer of seafood. We pleaded with the authorities to refuse the application to bring in imported prawns. They brought in prawns. Now we have white spot.”