Boom, Boom – The Talk’s Back in the Room

Heads are turning, and financial chatter turned up a notch with reports that Queensland’s LNG projects have started to boom.

Queensland’s Gasfields
Analysis from EnergyQuest, released this week shows that and the industry generated $2.5 billion in revenue in the last quarter, and forecasts that, Australia-wide, LNG sales are expected to hit $25.5 billion for 2017, a jump of 42% in 12 months.

“Good and going to get better” and “The LNG industry is generating a massive boost for Australian exports and GDP.”… This is the language used in the EnergyQuest report which also says December quarter sales are likely to hit $3 billion as LNG prices increase in line with oil.

“The shares of listed Queensland CSG companies have done well over the last year. Senex Energy is up 40 per cent and Galilee Energy up 47 per cent, Blue Energy is up 400 per cent and Comet Ridge is up 430 pe cent.’’