After much “tooing and froing” between Mayor and Councillors, Maranoa Regional Council has handed down the Budget for the 2018/19 financial year. Totalling $139.2 million.

Councillors say the budget provides a strong financial plan for the Maranoa, providing service delivery and asset management for the region, while ensuring sustainability for the future.

Here’s the Overview:

Out of a budget worth $139.2 million, Council aims to receive $33.4 million (approximately 24%) in rates, levies and charges.
Rates and utility charges revenue will increase 4.77% overall.
However, there will be swings against the trend within the categories dependent on valuations, capping, minimums and banding.

For residential (categories A, B, C and D) general rates, the rate in the dollar increased by 1.89%.

For a typical household (Residential A property) on the minimum general rate, the homeowner will only pay an extra $26 per year, or 50 cents each week, on average.

With the valuations in the rural sector seeing an average increase of 59% (set by the State Government Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy).

Council has capped the general rates for this category to a 5% increase.

The prompt payment discount on general rates has been set at 5%, for those ratepayers who pay all their rates and charges within the discount period.

Rural Roads
With a rural road network of 5,646 kilometres, Council has once again made a significant commitment to rural roads with $15.271 million committed in the Budget.

Road works have been prioritised for this financial year; highlights include:

-Gravel renewal works for Bollon Road ($1.06 million),
-Mt Moffatt Road ($580,000),
-Thomby Road ($504,480),
-Redford Road ($550,000).

Council’s water services will receive a much needed $1.655 million for one-off, renewals, upgrades and new projects.
Highlights for this area include:

-Water main renewals ($835,000);
-Upgrade of chlorination at Roma water tower ($250,000); and Tiffin Street,
-Roma’s fire flow augmentation ($320,000).

This year, Council has committed $4.05 million to one-off, renewals and new projects.

This includes;
-The 2018/19 sewer relining program ($3.6 million);
-Council will also invest in a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system ($400,000);
-Analysis and condition assessment of wastewater (sewer) mains ($50,000).

To encourage our visitors to stay longer and spend more dollars in our region, a number of tourism projects and initiatives have featured within this year’s budget. Highlights include:
-The master plan and business case for the Big Rig Upgrade ($80,000);
-Oil and Gas Museum historical exhibition for Roma ($20,000);
-Tourism enhancement at the Roma Airport ($20,000);
-Refurbishment of the display tanks at the Cobb & Co Changing Station ($72,540).

The full Budget document is accessible at www.maranoa.qld.gov.au