The Big Rig

2 Riggers Road Roma QLD 4355(07) 4622 2325

About The Big Rig

The Big Rig – Australia’s Living History of Oil and Gas Exploration

You can now discover the fascinating story of oil and gas, born out of ancient earth, fire and water, as it changes forever the way we live. Be challenged and inspired as you meet the true grip pioneers of the Australian Oil and Gas Industry who dared the earth to give up its riches.

Be amazed as you Journey through time, experience the spectacular Night Show, follow the Roma Trail, see the Rigs that made the industry possible.

The Big Rig houses the towns Visitor Information Centre, The Oil Patch – a well set out walk through display on the history of oil and gas mining around Roma complete with historic oil rigs, machinery displays and theatrette; The Big Rig Night Show – a light and sound show spectacular complete with pyrotechnics display, a souvenir shop, the Lenroy slab hut Museum and the Riggers Café.

Catering for all ages, the Big Rig takes Visitors on an absorbing journey from Australia’s first discovery of petroleum through the boom and bust years of oil and gas exploration and on to today’s multi-billion dollar industry using a variety of mediums – an attraction not to be missed

Where to find The Big Rig