Community dig deep for Wallumbilla Family

The Mole Family

The Mole Family and Global Care

The community have reached deep into their pockets to lend a helping hand to a family in need.

After losing everything in a house fire last month in Wallumbilla, the Mole Family received a cheque for $7676.82 thanks to a crowdfunding campaign.

The online fundraiser was created by Global Care Roma within hours of hearing about the disaster.

Heidi Westbrook organised the campaign with her husband Mark and says she was blindsided by the generosity of the community.

“You don’t realise people have an ability to give and the desire to give, especially those who gave don’t necessarily have anything to give but they did it anyway,” Ms Westbrook said.

Ms Westbrook says within four hours of the launch crowdfunding campaign they had already raised $4,000 for the Mole family.

“People are willing to sacrifice from their own family to give another family.”

Those who couldn’t donate money went out of their way to supply the family with essential household items like toasters, clean clothes and personal hygiene products.

Ms Westbrook says the family are overwhelmed by the amount of community support they’ve received especially by those people who gave without even knowing the family.