Coroner Delivers Findings into Charleville Hospital Incident

South West Hospital and Health Service have responded to this weeks’ Coroners finding into the October 2015 death of a 68-old-woman discharged from Charleville Hospital.charleville-hospital

The hospital had been criticized for its handling of a patient, known as PS, who died of heart disease two days after she was discharged from the hospital.

In a non-inquest, Coronial Registrar Ainslie Kirkegaard found none of the issues identified were significant enough to have changed whether the woman lived or died.

“The root cause analysis undertaken by SWHHS following PS’s (The woman) death identified a quite concerning constellation of clinical management and knowledge deficiencies at Charleville Hospital, I am reassured by the swift response by SWHHS to address those issues.”

South West Hospital and Health Service Chief Executive Ms Glynis Schultz says the death of any family member is truly heartbreaking and the health service offers its sincere condolences to the family of the patient and has provided support.

“The safety of our patients is our greatest priority and we take this responsibility very seriously. We are unable to discuss the details of the matter due to confidentiality.”

“However, the South West Hospital and Health Service immediately ordered a full clinical review of the incident, informed by external experts, to examine what happened and what could be done better in the future.”

Ms Schultz says the Service worked with the family during this process and shared the results of the clinical review with them.

The review recommended several changes to improve administrative and discharge procedures at Charleville Hospital.

All these changes have been implemented.

“While the Coroner’s Office has found the deficiencies in the processes at Charleville Hospital would not have altered the outcome for this patient, nevertheless there are always things we can do better in the future.”