Council Receives Funding

Maranoa Regional Council recently received $150,000 in Commonwealth and State Government funding to implement a Risk Assessment of Maranoa’s Critical Infrastructure.

water supply 1
The risk assessment will identify all critical infrastructure and natural hazard risk impacts for all agencies including water, sewerage, energy, communications, transport, health, emergency services and support services in the Maranoa region.

Mayor Tyson Golder, Portfolio Chair for Disaster Management says the assessment will evaluate access to critical infrastructure during flooding events.

“The data gathered over the two-year project period will be used by Maranoa Regional Council and other agencies to create business continuity plans.”

“The project will also create a risk assessment of all identified critical infrastructure for other natural disasters, including, fire, storm, earthquake or heatwave.”

The Mayor says Council is committed to the preparedness of all critical infrastructure in the Maranoa region.