Councillors Count Down for Small Business Week

It’s Small Business Week and two of our local Councillors have been out and about chatting with local operators.

Local ‘paddock to plate’ operation Maranoa Beef, played host to Councillors Cameron O’Neil and Janelle Stanford who took the opportunity to have a chat with owners Bec and Craig Beissel and learn more about the business’ setup.

Cr Cameron O'Neil and Cr Janelle Stanford take a tour with Maranoa Beef owners Bec and Craig Beissel

Cr Cameron O’Neil and Cr Janelle Stanford take a tour with Maranoa Beef owners Bec and Craig Beissel

With the business set to feature in the upcoming 2017 Maranoa Food and Fire Festival, set for August 2017 the Councilors say they were pleased to accept the invitation from Maranoa Beef, to gain a better understanding about what their business is all about.

Cr O’Neil says having a business that takes control of the production, processing and transportation, as well as selling directly to the customer is a fantastic draw card for our region.

“With agriculture, the cornerstone of the Maranoa’s economy, it is imperative that we seize every opportunity that we can to help continuing to grow and develop this sector.”

“Additionally, we are wrapped that Maranoa Beef will be involved in this year’s Maranoa Food and Fire Festival, where visitors and residents of the region will be able to taste their local owned and grown produce, and experience first-hand their paddock to plate business,”

Maranoa Beef’s Bec Beissel says they are passionate about having control of the whole production process, from birth all the way to delivery.

“We want to encourage our customers to consider a new way of purchasing that minimizes waste, supports sustainability and affords them the ability to delight in the cooking and taste of all cuts of beef.”

Cr O’Neil says that as Portfolio Chair for Economic Development, he is more than happy to meet with any Maranoa businesses keen to talk about how Council can help promote and support