Cyber bullying workshops

Interested Roma and St George residents will have the opportunity to learn about the threat of cyber bullying and how to help young people combat it at two special workshops in mid-July.

Cyber Bullying
South West Hospital and Health Service Regional Adversity Coordinator Gavin Johannesen says the workshops were being delivered as a partnership between the health service and Suicide Programs – a community organisation.

He says the workshops were designed for teachers, parents and anyone who wanted to learn how support and advice young people about cyber bullying – particularly those in years 6–12 at school.

“The workshops will teach participants how to deliver a highly-engaging eight-session program that will help young people understand what cyber bullying is, its consequences and what students should do if they or others are cyber bullied.”

The workshops will be held at:
• Roma: 18 July, Staff Training and Development Room, Roma Hospital, from 8.15 am to 3 pm.
• St George: 19 July at Care Balonne in Victoria St from 8.15 am to 3 pm.

Through the workshops, participants will learn how to raise students’ and parents’ awareness of what cyber bullying is and why it is so harmful; and how to equip students with the skills and resources to treat each other respectfully when using cyber technologies.

Mr Johannesen Says the programs also give students information about how to get help if they, or others they know, are being cyber bullied and teach students how to use cyber technologies in positive ways.

“Smartphones and other digital communication devices are now pervasive.”

“Although they have added immensely to the overall richness and connectedness of life, they also provide opportunities for use in negative ways that can harm a person’s mental health. “That’s why it’s important to be able to teach young people how to safely navigate this new digital world.’’

Interested participants in the cyber bullying workshops can register online at

Or email your details to: [email protected] • For further information, phone Sandra Wil