Easter Pleasure, Parade and Promenade!!!

The LATEST From President of Roma’s Easter in the Country Organising Committee-Jenny Flynn.

Street market 1As the street markets kick in on Easter Saturday morning, and above the bustle and barter that brings with it…you will see them…Starting to arrive and assemble.

See them, starting to take pride of place for the best possible view…their own magic cheer and chant point…
They come carrying chairs and umbrellas for shade…they come with smiles.

It’s the families, the faces the people with patience who come to cue and wait.
Slowly the numbers swell to cue deep point, as the route is lined by visitors, locals, helpers and hordes of others.

And it begins…. Loudly.

Ergon_aus_logoAnd with the noise the faces light up, those sitting jump their feet and turn their heads,and as if on cue and with a bang and clatter and music of distinghisingly different zones and tones fills the air, it appears, the first glimpse of the Ergon ENERGY Easter In The Country Street Parade.

And the cheer goes up and the noise level rises.

It is indeed a true highlight of Roma’s Easter in The Country.

A pride of our town-The Ergon Energy Easter in The Country Street Parade.

It’s the time when our community groups, businesses, and organisations lash out, decorate up and promenade to showcase their role in Our Town.

When they say to us all “Come share with us, as we do with you. Come be Roma with us, together…Come be a community”.

Street parade 1The floats of colour waft by and horns echo above the cheers of the crowd, flair, design, the outrageous and the entertaining fills the air and the atmosphere changes a beat or two for that hour or so.

It has become one of the most adventure packed and entertaining times Roma experiences every year. It is ageless. It is much loved.

The exhibitors wear their efforts for our place with a pride that generates a huge outburst of welcome from the crowds.

And we, all of us, respond by watching on, cheering, laughing at times until we nearly cry…

It’s Roma…It’s home, it’s ours…and the tourist and visitors get to drink it all in and see it in snap shot- see and sample the depth and creative and colour of Our Place.

Parade to begin at 9.00 am

This years’ Parade will kick off a 9 am and will take about an hour to wind its way through our key streets to arrive at (insert final destination) at 10 am.

There, our Judges will gather to inspect and award category prizes of $1,500.00.

This year we are swamped with entries and the Ergon Energy Easter In The Country Street Parade looks bigger, brighter and better than ever.

Highlights? What will we see?

I hear you ask…Well I cannot tell!

That remains under wraps until 10 am Easter Saturday when our participants will reveal their finest to you, to us all.

Don’t miss it!!