Election Fall Out Continues

With Labor set to govern in its own right with an almost less than paper thin majority the Katter Australian Party is determined to use its position in the 56th Parliament to drive issues for regional and remote areas of the state.

Robbie Katter
KAP State Leader Robbie Katter, who won his seat at the weekend with a whopping 65% of the primary vote says KAP will now aim to form a “voting bloc” with all potential crossbench members with the purpose of ensuring a better deal for regional Queensland.

“Labor will at best hold a slim majority and based on the results they don’t have a mandate to govern outside of greater Brisbane. It’s in the best interests of all areas outside greater Brisbane for the entire crossbench to be working together as a cohesive bloc. If we do this, we’ll be able to reverse the neglect of regional Queensland.”

Mr Katter says it would be highly irresponsible of Annastacia Palaszczuk to attempt to run the Parliament of Queensland with such a slim margin without first reaching out to the expanded crossbench to establish consensus on key policy areas.

Mr Katter is tipping six crossbench members in the new parliament, all from outside Brisbane.