Emily Martin shares her gift

EMT 1 - Bev Ryan,  Joc Martin, Emily Martin and Brad Goldsthorpe with Jo Eady

Bev Ryan, Joc Martin, Emily Martin and Brad Goldsthorpe with Jo Eady in Toowoomba

Crowds gathered in St George and Toowoomba this week to celebrate the launch of The Gift; Emily Martin’s tale of survival.

The launch coincided with the one year anniversary of the accident and was a chance for all to reflect on how far she’s come.

From the day of the accident where Emily was found unconscious on the side of the road, to the launch events this week, where she radiated amongst a crowd of family and friends…she’s been an inspiration to all.

Emily was joined by her husband, three kids, extended family and friends to tell the life-changing story and how she now lives with an acquired brain injury and the ensuring sight and memory problems it creates.

“I began writing my book for my children and I wanted them to know that whatever life throws at you, you can always choose how you respond,” she explains.

“We are all faced with unexpected challenges and unchosen change and I wanted to inspire people to do the best they can in any situation.”

The book is a message to anyone facing adversity in their life and Emily is a true testament that we all have the resources to deal with hardship and misfortune.

“We all have strengths like courage, love, kindness, curiosity, gratitude and persistence to create a well-lived life,” Emily says.

“It is the love from family, friends and community that makes me push one step further every day.”

A simple message but one we all can forget from time to time.