Farmers Welcome New Basin Boost


AgForce has cautiously welcomed the allocation of $53 million in new funds to build water infrastructures and increase efficiency in the Queensland Murray-Darling Basin irrigators.

It is funded through the Federal Government’s Round Ten Healthy Headwaters program.

Under the scheme, the Government will cover 90 per cent of the costs relating to on-farm water infrastructures and seek in return, half the water savings.

For example, an overhead irrigator saves around 30 per cent of water; if an individual produced 100 megalitres of water then the Government would want half of the 30 megalitres saved, amounting to 15 mega litres given away

With water remaining a precious resource, the share will help deliver long-term social and economic benefits to the Basin says Federal LNP Member for Maranoa Bruce Scott.

“Irrigators in the Condamine Catchments, Lower Balonne and Border River Zones will be eligible to apply for this funding round,” Mr Scott explained.

“I encourage all eligible irrigators to apply for funding under Round Ten of the Headwaters Programme before the June 30th deadline.”

Eligible infrastructure work includes:

  • Overhead irrigation machine conversion
  • Upgrading surface irrigation to trickle methods
  • Upgrading water storage facilities to minimise seepage and evaporation
  • Replacing inefficient storage facilities

For more information on how to apply for the programme, visit or call 07 4529 1321