$$$ For Local Shows

Queensland’s 129 local shows will be able to ensure the rides keep thrilling and the show bags keep filling and the crowds keep milling, thanks to a $400,000 boost over three years from the State Government’s Show Societies Grants Program.

Texas Show 2
The additional funding comes on top of the annual $2 million program already in place.

The Show Societies Grants Program provides financial support for operating costs associated with conducting annual agricultural shows, and costs towards the construction and maintenance of showground assets.

Additionally, Show Societies who own their grounds may use up to 50 % of their funding towards new infrastructure works that meet the required timeframe and program objectives.

Queensland Chamber of Agricultural Societies (QCAS) General Manager, Karen Wolf says the funding was crucial in order to be able to deliver the shows each year.

“Many of the show societies, particularly the smaller ones, would find it extremely challenging to conduct their shows without the Government’s assistance through the grants program.”

“We are absolutely delighted the government has increased the funding as it will have an enormous positive impact on every show in Queensland.”