Hay Runners on The Loose

And they’re heading Cunnamulla way.

Burrumbuttock Hay Runners
Burrumbuttock Hay Runners organiser Brendan Farrell will head the convoy of 150 trucks that will arrive filly loaded in Cunnamulla on Australia Day.

The rigs are expected in around 3 pm on January 26th and will head to the Cunnamulla Showgrounds with fodder supplies for drought-stricken farmers.

Paroo Shire Council CEO Oliver Simon, says he’ll lead the event along with locals Jess Thompson and Liz Land.

said “It’s very dry, very dusty and we have got average temperatures around 38 and 40 degrees…It is fitting to have such a supportive gesture take place on Australia Day. It is going to bring a lot of joy to our graziers.”

Cunnamulla has not had reasonable rainfalls for seven years, according to locals and they’re now planning to make a day of it with entertainment and catering being finalised for the event at the showgrounds which is expected to see a crowd of over 600 people attend.