Health service seeks to engage Wallumbilla community

vlcsnap-2015-07-14-13h19m27s507The South West Hospital and Health Service is calling for nominations from a Wallumbilla resident to represent their community on the Roma Hospital Community Advisory Network.

Chief Executive Glynis Schultz said the health service wanted to ensure the Wallumbilla community’s views on their health services were heard.

“This is a volunteer position and nominations for it will close on 24 July,’’ she said.

“Anyone interested in applying should contact South West HHS Board Governance Officer Donna Burke on 4505 1544 for an application form.’’ Ms Schultz said a separate Community Advisory Network (CAN) had been in place for the Wallumbilla Outpatients Clinic soon after the establishment of the State’s hospital and health service network on 1 July 2012.

“However, since then, we have had very little ongoing community interest in joining the Wallumbilla CAN,’’ she said.

“Indeed, over the past 18 months, the Wallumbilla CAN has not been able to meet as it has not been able to establish the necessary quorum of four attending members.

“Over this period, we have made a number of attempts to re-establish the Wallumbilla CAN without any success.

“Nevertheless, we consider it vital that we have some representation from the Wallumbilla community.

“If we can’t get a full local CAN up and running, our next best option is to establish a Wallumbilla portfolio on the Roma CAN and attract at least one local resident to fill the position.

“Roma Hospital has jurisdiction over the Wallumbilla Outpatients Clinic, so this is a very viable option.’’

Ms Schultz said the creation of a Wallumbilla portfolio within the Roma CAN would be an interim measure only.

“This could be reviewed at any time that there is significant interest from the Wallumbilla community in re-establishing their own separate CAN,’’ she said.

“In the meantime, a Wallumbilla representative on the Roma CAN will at least provide the community with the opportunity to put its views on local health services forward to the South West HHS Board and Executive.

“The alternative would be to have no representation at all from Wallumbilla and I don’t think this would be fair to the community.’’

Ms Schultz said the purpose of the CANs was to provide a mechanism for consumer and community engagement with their local health facility and the health service generally.

“The CANs help identify the community’s health needs, allow information to be shared regarding service delivery and allow consumers and community to have input into the planning, development and delivery of public health services in their area,’’ she said.

“Through such a process, each health facility will receive ongoing broad community input into the development of services.

“I urge Wallumbilla residents to take this opportunity to apply for the position on the Roma CAN so their community’s voice can be heard.’’

• Wallumbilla residents interested in applying for the position should contact South West HHS Board Governance Officer Donna Burke on 4505 1544 for an application form. Submissions close on 24 July.