Heart of Australia Wins KAP Support

KAP Leader and Federal Member for Kennedy Bob Katter is going to bat for more funding for the Heart of Australia Service which now needs a $4 million commitment.

20180620 (patient of Dr Gomes Adrian from Bayer sponsor of the heart bus Bob and Dr Gomes (002)

A patient of Dr Gomes with Adrian from Bayer, (sponsor of the heart bus) and Bob Katter with Dr Gomes.

He’s now written to the Minister for Rural Health and the Minister for Health asking for much-needed funding to support the service which he says is “vital” for regional Queensland.

Heart of Australia is a cardiology clinic with an innovative twist – it operates off the back of a truck and travels to towns and communities to provide life-saving care.

Also known as the ‘clinic on wheels’, it’s the brainchild of Dr Rolf Gomes who met with Mr Katter this week.

Mr Katter says he’ll be pushing hard for on-going government assistance to ensure the service achieves the $4 million a year recurrent funding it needs to run two heart buses, specialists and equipment throughout Our Towns.

“This service saves the lives of those in the bush who would not otherwise access heart related services.”

He’s told the Ministers of the stats.

“Did you know that you are twice as likely to die of heart issues if you live in the bush? Minister, the work that this organisation is doing could be described as work by the Good Lord himself.”

Mr Katter says the service is a more cost-effective initiative for the Government. For every $1 spent on the ‘Heart Bus’, $1.40 is saved in Government Health expenditure.

“It also saves the patients money because they don’t have to travel long distances to get the healthcare they need. 750-800 kilometres is the average travel saving per trip to patients as a result of this service.”

“Dr Gomes has a big heart and his service makes a big difference to people in regional Queensland, we urge the Government to support Heart of Australia.”