Heatwave to Hit Queensland


Prepare your blow up pools, turn up the air conditioning and put on your shades, Queensland is about to ride one of the biggest heatwaves yet.

Temperatures across inland Queensland will rise as much as eight degrees above expected averages next week and it seems Australia Day will continue its unbearable heat tradition!

Bureau of Meteorology Regional Weather Services Manager Dr Richard Wardle says locals can expect temperatures to lie between the mid-30s to low 40s.

“These conditions are expected to begin in the south on Thursday and Friday before shifting northwards over the weekend before reaching the Northwest of the State by Tuesday of next week.”

Mr John Nairn from the Heatwave Service is currently mapping the heatwave heading our way, determining its level of intensity.

“The current event shows large areas of Australia will reach severe heatwave conditions, a more advanced indicator shows the impact of heat stress especially.”

All Queenslanders are encouraged to stay safe and avoid heat stress in particular during next week’s heatwave. Stay cool, rehydrate and wear sunscreen at all times.

Check out the Bureau’s website for the latest weather forecasts and warnings.