Locals look back at the history of Surat and the Warroo Shire

Author Judith Nissen launches 'The Wealth of Waroo: A History of Surat & Surrounds'

Author Judith Nissen launches ‘The Wealth of Waroo: A History of Surat & Surrounds’

The Maranoa has a rich history, with every town offering it’s own interesting back story into the places that are home for so many.

Surat, just like any other town, has a rich history and it’s flicking back the pages with a new book, The Wealth of Waroo: A History of Surat & Surrounds.

It’s been a labour of love for author and historian, Judith Nissen.

She’s compiled the stories and offers readers an insight into the key moments in time that form part of Surat’s history throughout the first century of the former Warroo Shire.

“I just love telling stories and telling the history of local people is a great way to encourage others to learn about these types of areas,” Ms Nissen says.

Many families living in the Surat area are direct descendants of the founding townspeople and they’ve graciously opened up their albums and homes, all for the sake of posterity.

Family memorabilia, including photographs and letters are published in the book and form part of the exhibition at the Cobb and Co Museum in town.

Maranoa Regional Council received funding of $33,885 from the state to publish the manuscript of the book but the idea for the book goes back to pre-amalgamation.

The launch of the book cooincides with the opening of the recently upgraded exhibtion at The Cobb & Co Store Museum, the first stage of a larger project to renovate the whole museum.

Barbara Cooper, The Cobb & Co Store Museum Project Coordinator says the museum is an important platform to showcase the rich history of Surat.

“There’s so many more facets of our history and we’re telling those stories,” Ms Cooper says.

Stage two of the project will see further development of the museum including updating the remaining exhibits, researching an interactive space and development of an exhibition schedule.