How it works

Maranoa Plus More is a complete Online Business and Community Hub. It’s a whole of community approach, where you can list and find local jobs and events, read and view real time local news, find up to date information, and interact with community and social media plus a lot more…

The free stuff

Most of the services on Maranoa Plus More are free, including News, Community Pages, the Events Calendar and more….

To help you use the Free services on the  platform, click on these How To Guides .

How to add a Community Page

How to Add an Event

How to add a Job wanted advert

The stuff that costs money

The Maranoa Plus More Business Hub offers searchable interactive web pages for local business , advertising and special offers all in the one place for low annual fee of $200 plus GST.

Once you register as a business, you can start using all of these great benefits to increase your sales.

Use the how to guide to add your page.

How to add a Business Page

Interactive Business pages

1.    A low annual fee to be a business member.
At less than 60 cents per day it’s a lower cost than any other form of local advertising.

2.    You have control of your own page.
You have complete control over what you offer on your page – plus you have the benefit of working with our marketing team to help you get the best bang for buck.

3.    We get that it’s all about community engagement first.
Our whole of community approach, including jobs, events, real time news, information, community pages, and social media is all designed to get people to your pages and get you noticed.

4.    We keep you local and take you global.
Our search engine optimsed web platform not only helps you keep the local spend local, it also showcases you to a much wider buying public through the power of the internet.

Dynamic interactive presence advertising

If you are a looking for a more effective way to reach your customers, you now have a truly accountable interactive presence on a highly trafficked web platform.

More accountable and more affordable than any other form of advertising.
The Maranoa Plus More system is affordable, accountable and transparent. You’ll know how many visitors saw your web page, how many viewed your adverts and how many potential customers clicked through. It keeps you in control.

Dynamic deals and special offers

The Red Hot Deals weekly specials are THE place for shoppers to find the best deals in your region. With real time call to action links and full statistics on who viewed and clicked through to your deals, you can really see which deals work best.

Our experienced marketing and design team is on hand to help you get the very best results from these interactive dynamic deals, so feel free to ask for advice.