KAP – We’re Ready

The latest Liberal MP resignation from Federal Parliament over the dual citizenship debacle means Bob Katter KAP Federal Leader and Member for Kennedy, is now the only Queenslander on the crossbench and he’s planning to make hay while the sun shines.

Mr Katter says he intends on making the most of it for North Queensland and to push major nation building projects.

He says he has spent the weekend working on his priorities for the Federal Parliament and priorities if KAP win the balance of power in the Qld State Election on 25 November.

“The major plans are a Royal Commission into banks, mandated ethanol use, lower electricity prices and eradicating section 457 visa holders which take plum Australian jobs and force Australians onto welfare.”

“We will be moving immediately.”

“Another issue I will be discussing with my crossbench will be the erosion of welfare with nearly 700 hundred thousand people coming each year from overseas the Government is going broke, they simply can’t continue to meet the cost of these people coming in, they take jobs off Australians and push Australians onto welfare.”

“The final issue is Reserve Resource Policy, it will be a return to the policies we had in the Sir Joh Bjelke-Petersen years.”

Mr Katter says, economically, those years had the formula right.

“We took around 1 per cent of the coal for free so that Queenslanders could have super cheap electricity – free coal. The Reserve Resource Policy needs to be introduced immediately in respect to gas.”

Mr Katter says he’s also working hard now on KAP plans for the Queensland Parliament, post state election, with the party looking set to again be a key player for the next 4 years.

“We are confident of winning 5 or 6 seats, and are hopeful that will give us the balance of power.”

“One of KAP’s priorities will be focused on fighting crime. The KAP approach is centered on Relocation Sentencing which would give magistrates the ability to effectively banish offenders from the community in which they committed the crime. They would be sent to an approved property in a remote location where they would work on the land to learn life skills to become contributing members of society.”

“KAP will also push an Australian owned railway line into the Galilee Basin coalfields, Hell’s Gate Dam and the Tully-Millstream hydro scheme.”