Keeping Kids Safe on The Farm

A focus on keeping kids safe on farms is the logic behind the State Governments’ annual farm safety calendar competition this year.

farm safety calendar picIndustrial Relations Minister Grace Grace says the annual programme invites kids from across the state to draw pictures about health and safety topics on farms.

“Tragically around 20 children are killed on Australian farms every year, with many more hospitalized, that’s why the Government is actively promoting safety on rural properties with a strong focus on educating school kids.”

In 2016, there were 498 entries from 43 schools across the state and organizers are hoping for more this year.

Twelve winning entries will be chosen and published in the 2018 edition of the farm safety calendar, with each winner getting a $250 voucher and their school getting a $500 voucher.

Entries in the 2017 farm safety calendar competition must be lodged online by 16 June, with the winners announced in September.

Kids entering the competition should pick one from this list of the most common farm safety hazards then use their artistic talents to illustrate how to be safe around the hazard.

Quad bikes, motorbikes and machinery
o Look out for machinery and vehicles as the driver may not see you.
o Be safe when riding a quad bike or motorbike. Ride ready – wear a helmet, never double and kids only use a kid-sized bike.
o Look up and live – powerlines and machinery don’t mix.

Animal handling
o Animals can give diseases to people. Always wash your hands after being near them.
o Stock animals can be unpredictable. Watch their behaviour, and don’t stand behind them.
o Horses have the strength, speed and ability to cause an injury. Only ride horses that match your experience.

Sun safety and healthy lifestyle
o Lead a healthy lifestyle by eating properly, exercising and getting plenty of sleep.
o Take frequent rest breaks and drink lots of water when working outside.
o Protect yourself from the sun. Always wear a hat, long sleeves and sunscreen.

Kids on farms
o Swimming in farm dams and rivers is fun, but always have an adult present to supervise.
o A fenced yard for young kids and toddlers to play in will keep them away from many farm dangers.
o Make sure an adult always knows where you’re going and what you’ll be doing on the farm.

To find out how to enter the competition and have a look at previous winning entries, visit or call 1300 362 128.