Leahy keeps Swinging Over Vegetation Management Laws

The Vegetation Management Laws will cause catastrophic economic impacts on hard working food and fibre producers and associated rural and regional communities according to Member for Warrego Ann Leahy.

Ms Leahy says the laws have been bulldozed through the house without adequate consideration given to the impacts.

ann farm

“This legislation has come into law with no economic impact assessment on the Agricultural Industry and no regulatory impact statement nor was debate time permitted in the Parliament to raise inaccuracies of vegetation mapping or changes to the definition of regrowth, instead debate was guillotined by Labor.”

“This is precisely what happens when Labor is aided into majority Government by Katter Party and One Nation preferences – these parties say one thing in the bush and do the opposite when it comes to preferences.”

In a passionate plea to Parliament Ms Leahy spoke of four-year-old Hailey Cameron who sent in her submission to the Parliamentary Committee where she said, “We want to stop the bad people from stopping us from feeding the cows.”

“When a four-year-old understands the impact of the legislation it beggar’s belief as to why Members of Parliament in the Government can’t understand the impacts.”

“This legislation is predicted to force up the cost of food and affect housing affordability in the South East Corner and impact lending decisions of financial institutions.”

“Two hundred people per day signed the petition against the Vegetation Management Laws showing how angry and betrayed they feel by the Labor Government.”