Leaked Electoral Changes Wave Goodbye to Knuth’s Seat

The long awaited Electoral Redistribution for Queensland, due to be released tomorrow has been leaked this afternoon and the seat of Dalrymple will be struck from Queensland’s electoral map.

Shane Knuth and Robbie KatterThe electorate, held by Shane Knuth, is set to be scrapped with the seat be completely replaced by an expansion of Rob Katter’s Mount Isa electorate, to be renamed Traegar.

A new seat of Hill, in between Cook and Hinchinbrook, would also take in part of Dalrymple.

Burdekin electorate, held by LNP’s Dale Last is also set to change and be renamed McMaster.

That new electorate will take in parts of Dalrymple and stretch from the outskirts of Townsville, past Mackay down to the edges of Rockhampton.

Population growth across the state brought on a need to add four seats to the State Parliament increasing the number of MPs for Queensland from 89 to 93.

After months of consultation none of these extra seats are set to go to North or Western Queensland with most changes to occur in and around the South East of the state.