Littleproud Pushes MDBA

As reports continue about impacts, including sharp declines to local towns employment rates and school enrolments along the Murray Darkling Basin, the Federal Member for Maranoa David Littleproud calls on the Murray Darling Basin Authority (MDBA) to expedite its recommendations.

murray-basin-catchmentsThe report is due to Government and the community consultation process is due to start next month.

Mr Littleproud has received a number of calls from distressed landholders and families residing along the Northern half of the Murray Darling Basin who are in desperate need of action.

Mr Littleproud says it is extremely clear that the balance of the 2012 Murray-Darling Basin Plan has been weighted disproportionally in favour of a blind green agenda.

“And without proper consideration of the harsh and unfair economic and social impacts of the communities in the Northern Basin.”

Mr Littleproud says recent reports of job losses and falling enrolments coupled to information from the MDBA confirms what he says is an inequity of the triple bottom line in favour of the environment.

“In my view, the continuous loss of employment and families from these vital agricultural townships – some of which I have lived in – is completely unacceptable”.

Mr Littleproud says he feels strongly about the disproportionate weighting of the plan, even mentioning it in his first speech in Parliament in September.

He’s urging the MDBA to proceed without delay, given their acknowledgement of the near finalization of their research back in August and the sharing of that research with impacted communities and peak bodies back then.

“Now is the time to end this uncertainty and deliver security to these vitally important farming communities. The responsible stewardship of our water is something every Australian takes seriously, and with the MDBA’s final recommendations it is my hope that we will have an opportunity to reset the triple bottom line”.