More bores to face immediate impact in Surat Basin


More bores in the Surat Basin are projected to be affected by coal seam gas developments according to a Office of Groundwater Impact Assessment draft report. The latest 2016 report has identified a further 64 bores that are likely to be immediately impacted (ie reach the trigger threshold) over … [Read more...]

BOM promises better seasonal forecasting

Better forecasting technology is more than just a whisper on the breeze, with the BOM’s new supercomputer set to be operational by the end of the year.

Farmers and growers often find themselves at the mercy of Mother Nature, but her movements are about to become easier to predict with improved seasonal forecasting. The Bureau of Meteorology will invest $3.3 million to improve the accuracy and frequency of seasonal projections in order to aid … [Read more...]

Region the beating heart of pulse production

Mungbeans are a promising winter crop.

The time has come for our region’s producers to check their vital signs and prepare for what the UN has dubbed to be the international ‘year of the pulses’. An essential ingredient for a healthy heart, pulses make up a nutritious food group that holds massive export potential along with promises … [Read more...]

Peak body calls for transparency in horticultural industry

Farmers say they would like more transparency and real time reporting for fruit and vegetable prices.

Peak representative body Growcom has called for a focus on improving transparency through all stages of the fruit and vegetable growing industry a review of the Horticultural Code of Conduct. Providing farmers with real time price information is outlined as a major priority to ensure that famers … [Read more...]

TSBE talks optimistic of regional growth

Maranoa Regional Council Mayor Cr Robert Loughnan, TSBE CEO Shane Charles and Maranoa Regional Council Cr Cameron O’Neill

While the oil and gas market delivers tough blows to the regional economy, growing infrastructure out west looks set to complement growth in agriculture for the wider Maranoa region. A Toowoomba and Surat Basin Enterprise (TSBE) meeting in Roma this month detailed plans to drive logistics hubs … [Read more...]