More bores to face immediate impact in Surat Basin


More bores in the Surat Basin are projected to be affected by coal seam gas developments according to a Office of Groundwater Impact Assessment draft report. The latest 2016 report has identified a further 64 bores that are likely to be immediately impacted (ie reach the trigger threshold) over … [Read more...]

More wheels to drive quad bike safety

Quad bikes are prone to rolling over on unstable terrain, making them a risky piece of farming equipment.

Primary Industries Health and Safety Partnership (PIHSP) is calling for Australian states to address the number of quad bike related injuries on farms. “Quad bikes continue to be the leading cause of deaths on farms and that has been the case for a number of years now,” says PIHSP research … [Read more...]

Ann Leahy accused of contempt of Parliament

Member for Warrego, Ann Leahy, faces allegations of misleading Parliament.

LNP Member for Warrego, Ann Leahy, faces Parliament this morning under serious charges of deliberately misleading the Parliament and could be sacked. A report by the Parliamentary Ethics Committee found that Ms Leahy disclosed confidential information whilst serving on the Parliamentary Crime and … [Read more...]

$6 million cluster fencing project gets go ahead for the South West

dog fence

It’s been a long wait for cluster fencing but it might soon be over. Primary producers across the Murweh region are lining up in anticipation for the Queensland Feral Pest Initiative to sign off on the $6 million cluster fencing project and begin the rollout across the south west. Funding will … [Read more...]

Health a hurdle to closing the gap

Image courtesy of  CWAATSICH.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull today reported dismal progress on closing the gap in Indigenous life expectancy, but more Indigenous people in Maranoa are taking command of their health according to CWAATSICH CEO, Cheryl Lawton. "I've been the CEO for the last fifteen years and I've seen … [Read more...]

Big band to turn up the tempo at Valentines Day Ball

The Roma Apex Valentines Day Ball will be held on Saturday February 13 at 6pm.

The day of love is almost upon us and if you find yourself twitching with nerves the dance floor is certainly a great place to let off some steam! Whether you've got yourself a partner or you're looking to impress, you can grab a rose and strike a pose at the Valentines Day Ball next Saturday … [Read more...]

Residents to tap in to FIFO internet

Pipeline workers won't be the only ones flying, with top speed internet becoming available to Surat Basin residents.

A new fixed wireless network in the Surat Basin will benefit local residents as well as FIFO workers at the QCG Charlie pipeline project. Telecommunications company March IT recently announced the launch of SuratConnect, a large internet network with speeds comparable to that of Australia’s … [Read more...]

Bruce Scott: more mobile coverage for region

Three new base stations are already operating at Eukey, Eulo and on the Quilpie Diamantina Developmental Road, near Cheepie.

South West Queensland will be the top priority for mobile coverage improvement under Round 2 of the LNP’s $385 million National Black Spot Programme, says Federal MP Bruce Scott. “I want to make sure that our Warrego Highway all the way through has got coverage… these are priority areas going … [Read more...]

Strong sales boost record EYCI

Roma Sale Yards

The Eastern Young Cattle Indicator (EYCI) is continuing to rise after Wednesday’s monumental peak of 600c/kg cwt. It rose a further 0.75c yesterday to set a new record of 600.75c/kg cwt and this morning’s strong sales could push it even higher. The recent rain throughout Queensland, although … [Read more...]