More wheels to drive quad bike safety

Quad bikes are prone to rolling over on unstable terrain, making them a risky piece of farming equipment.

Primary Industries Health and Safety Partnership (PIHSP) is calling for Australian states to address the number of quad bike related injuries on farms. “Quad bikes continue to be the leading cause of deaths on farms and that has been the case for a number of years now,” says PIHSP research … [Read more...]

Ann Leahy accused of contempt of Parliament

Member for Warrego, Ann Leahy, faces allegations of misleading Parliament.

LNP Member for Warrego, Ann Leahy, faces Parliament this morning under serious charges of deliberately misleading the Parliament and could be sacked. A report by the Parliamentary Ethics Committee found that Ms Leahy disclosed confidential information whilst serving on the Parliamentary Crime and … [Read more...]

Roma at the eye of optical health

Charleville woman, kay Smith, is one of the patients to receive sight-saving cataract surgery.

An extensive team of ophthalmologists, nurses and medical staff converged on the Roma South West Hospital last weekend to deliver cataract surgery to sixty patients from surrounding regions. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients from 13 districts including Charleville, Dalby, St George … [Read more...]

Big band to turn up the tempo at Valentines Day Ball

The Roma Apex Valentines Day Ball will be held on Saturday February 13 at 6pm.

The day of love is almost upon us and if you find yourself twitching with nerves the dance floor is certainly a great place to let off some steam! Whether you've got yourself a partner or you're looking to impress, you can grab a rose and strike a pose at the Valentines Day Ball next Saturday … [Read more...]

Residents to tap in to FIFO internet

Pipeline workers won't be the only ones flying, with top speed internet becoming available to Surat Basin residents.

A new fixed wireless network in the Surat Basin will benefit local residents as well as FIFO workers at the QCG Charlie pipeline project. Telecommunications company March IT recently announced the launch of SuratConnect, a large internet network with speeds comparable to that of Australia’s … [Read more...]