More bores to face immediate impact in Surat Basin


More bores in the Surat Basin are projected to be affected by coal seam gas developments according to a Office of Groundwater Impact Assessment draft report. The latest 2016 report has identified a further 64 bores that are likely to be immediately impacted (ie reach the trigger threshold) over … [Read more...]

Catholic school strikes won’t disrupt Maranoa students


Maranoa students shouldn’t see any disruption to their usual school schedules, with classes still running as normal during the state-wide teacher strikes this Thursday. At St. Patrick's School in Mitchell, administrative staff say everything will run as normal with students remaining unaffected … [Read more...]

Residents to tap in to FIFO internet

Pipeline workers won't be the only ones flying, with top speed internet becoming available to Surat Basin residents.

A new fixed wireless network in the Surat Basin will benefit local residents as well as FIFO workers at the QCG Charlie pipeline project. Telecommunications company March IT recently announced the launch of SuratConnect, a large internet network with speeds comparable to that of Australia’s … [Read more...]