Lower Balonne Gains MDBA Regional Engagement Officer

A program to strengthen the connections between the Murray–Darling Basin Authority (MDBA) and regional communities has appointed an officer for the lower Balonne region hosted by the RDA Darling Downs and South West Queensland (RDA DDSW).

Condamine–Balonne_1Nic Perkins, a local livestock farmer who has strong links with the local community, landholders and local government takes on the role.

Chief Executive of the MDBA, Phillip Glyde, says Nic’s appointment opens a new avenue local people to feed their experiences, concerns and aspirations back to the MDBA.

“Having Mr Perkins on board provides a new avenue for greater community understanding of the Basin Plan.”

“Mr Perkins is one of seven REOs working in the pilot program. They all bring with them impressive skills and experience, which are matched by the expertise of their host organizations.”

Mr Perkins currently works on his family property near Dirranbandi and is also involved in a rangeland goat project.

He has a degree in environmental management, and has previously worked in sustainable cropping, land conservation, grazing systems and salinity management.

The Chair of RDA DDSW, Vic Pennisi, says he hopes the appointment will help build a bridge between local experiences and knowledge of the Basin Plan and Canberra where water policy is made.

“This region has seen a lot of changes in agriculture over the years. This new avenue for local people to feed their experiences, concerns and aspirations back to the MDBA is an important step towards greater community understanding of the Basin Plan.

“As the host organization, we’ll be providing administrative support to Mr Perkins and assist him to extend on his knowledge and relationships in the region.”

Alongside the REO program, the MDBA has also announced that it will establish an office in Toowoomba.