Maranoa Council cleans up for Christmas

Don’t forget to give the local council a well-earned pat on the back this Christmas as they have organised a massive clean-up of the Bungil Creek to help the town sparkle in time for the festive season.

Mayor Robert Loughnan was impressed with the efforts of the clean-up crew who put in lots of hard work to finally repair the damage done by floods in the early part of this decade.

“We put men and machinery in there and got all the excess silt, vegetation and mud that has been there since the 2010-2012 floods. So it’s doing a brilliant job that will enable all the water to get through there if there’s another flood.” He said.

Having won a Queensland’s Tidiest Town award for their efforts, the hope is that the acclimation will continue on a national level with the Keep Australia Beautiful judges visiting earlier this week.

The work cleaning up the creek was identified as a major reason for their success in this competition keeping an eye on the environmental well-being of the region.

It is an ongoing process with clean up being required every few years to help the water flow in the event of another emergency situation.