Maranoa Regional Council Meeting


Maranoa Regional Council has met this week. Here are the highlights.

Annual Pool Safety Campaign To promote the importance of swimming pool safety and encourage compliance, Council will offer residents free pool safety inspections during the months of December 2018 and January 2019.

Kids on Tour for 2019 An invitation from the Queensland Art Gallery – Gallery of Modern Art Children’s Art Centre to participate in the interactive program APT9 Kids on Tour was accepted. Council will facilitate the program between January and April 2019 at the Roma, Injune, Surat and Mitchell libraries.

Installation of Defibrillator -Muckadilla Roma Local Ambulance Committee has provided a financial contribution to Council to install a defibrillator at the Muckadilla Hall.

Queensland Feral Pest Initiative Funding Council is applying for $750,000 under the funding round for construction of cluster fencing.

Duke Street/Roma Southern Road Bottle Trees As part of the 2018/19 Capital Works Program, these roadworks require the removal and/or relocation of a number of mature bottle trees. Six of the trees will be relocated to Bassett Park and the Saleyards and the other 2 non-viable ones will be disposed of.

Roma Cemetery Perimeter Fencing Funding was approved for the replacement of a second stage of the cemetery fencing. Bitumen Sealing RPQ Spray Seal was selected as the preferred supplier if final terms are acceptable.

Spreader and Stabiliser Hire The Mining Pty Ltd was selected as the preferred supplier for works on the Rehabilitation and RMPC Program.

Construction of Multi-Purpose Facility at Roma Saleyards J Hutchinson Pty Ltd was selected as the preferred tenderer for the Multi-Purpose Facility if the final terms are acceptable, with a tendered value of $7,592,175 excluding GST.s