Maranoa Regional Councillors Support Fair Laws for Farmers

As thousands of Queensland farmers rally in Brisbane, Maranoa Regional Councillors have pulled on their green shirts to show their support for fair laws for farmers throughout the region and beyond.

Councillors support fair laws for farmers (002)
Maranoa Councillor Janelle Stanford says the proposed vegetation management legislation amendment being pushed by the State’s Labor Government is not based on science or fact.

“There has been no modelling undertaken to forecast what impacts these proposed changes to the land clearing laws will have in regard to the social, economic and environmental fallouts for agricultural businesses and communities – on those affected now and for the generations into the future.”

“Without a doubt, these impacts will have flow-on effects for our city friends and families.”

Councillor Sanford says it’s imperative that we all continue to get the message out there, allowing our farmers’ voices to be heard.

“To tell the real story and truth about caring for and managing the land.”