Maranoa senior citizens get healthy in the kitchen

Cooking healthy and nutritious meals can be a daunting task…

Aisling Brennan caught up with a few local senior citizens trying to make it just a little easier.

Healthy cooking is hard enough when you’re young and fit, but meeting dietary requirements is even tougher for the elderly.

That’s why Queensland Health is helping senior members of the community get some tips on how to perk up their plates… and their health.

Dietician Rohan Ballon says its about getting into good habits.

“Some of the challenges that are faced in this generation are losing that appetite and the motivation to keep cooking,” he says.

“So I think these lessons have been really good but things like practical tips in the supermarket can be really handy as well.”

Participants in the healthy eating workshop took a stroll through the supermarket isles, where the healthy choices really begin.

It all comes down to picking good quality produce; whether that be frozen, canned or fresh.

Under the careful guidance of Rohan and his team of helpers, they cooked up a easy and healthy recipes.

The partnership between Queensland Health and Blue Care aims to give senior citizens the skills and confidence to prepare easy and healthy meals in their own homes.

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