Marnaoa SES volunteers are ready for action


Maranoa region State Emergency Service (SES) volunteers have received $13,000 worth of equipment thanks to the Powerlink, Energex, and Ergon SES Equipment Program on Friday April 29.

As part of a $200,000 state-wide sponsorship, the Maranoa SES groups received the funding after they were successfully chosen on a merits basis to receive the desired equipment.

The vital equipment, which includes generators, iPad’s, pelican lights, step ladders and water coolers will be allocated to the various SES groups within the region.


Powerlink Landholder Relations Manager Murray Abel and SES Assistant Commissioner Peter Jeffrey

SES Assistant Commissioner Peter Jeffrey says the equipment will be extremely useful for the volunteers in times of need.

“This equipment saves quite a bit of back bending in some cases with the pole saw and when we lose power the generator can come into good use and given the damage to roofs ladders are always a useful tool,” Mr Jeffrey said.

Local Surat SES Group Leader Greg Richardson says having the equipment will be a valuable asset when training new volunteers.


Surat SES Group Leader Greg Richardson

“Typically when we want to do some training out in the bush we can use the fridge and the little generator will fit in better than the big one we have at the moment,” Mr Richardson said.

As a further boost to the region, most of the equipment was purchased from local retailers.

SES Assistant Commissioner Peter Jeffrey says it’s important that the volunteers are well supported.

“The volunteers are of the community so it’s not that they deliver a service to the community it’s actually them working with their neighbours so they’re an integral part,” Mr Jeffrey said.


SES Area Controller David Bennett says the role Powerlink plays in the region was an added advantage in the Maranoa SES groups receiving the equipment.

“It’s basically vital equipment for the groups need, they don’t usually get it through our procurement system so we’re very grateful to Powerlink to obviously support us in getting the gear because we wouldn’t get it otherwise,” Mr Bennett said.