Mates in Construction

Industrial Relations Minister Grace Grace has announced additional funding of $1 million to help Mates in Construction expand its suicide prevention program to rural and remote areas of the state.
Mates in Construction
“We are committing $1 million over 12 months to help Mates to expand its suicide prevention services into rural and remote areas of Queensland, while we explore options to provide long-term funding certainty.”

“We know that mental health and suicide are serious issues within the construction industry. Unfortunately, the suicide rate of young workers in the industry is two to three-times higher than the general community and the average age of suicide among construction workers in Queensland is just 36 years.”

Mates in Construction, now in its 10th year.

Ms Grace says Mates in Construction targets mental health and suicide prevention at a local level, primarily on construction sites, with support from all stakeholders.

“This additional funding will help Mates to continue to spread the message to rural and remote areas and also to put more emphasis on engaging with young workers at risk.”