Mitchell Local Ambulance Committee Makes A Donation that Really Counts

Mitchell Local Ambulance Committee has donated three defibrillators to Maranoa Regional Council which will be placed in Mitchell and surrounding areas.

Mitchell Local Ambulance Committee donates defibrillator to Maranoa Regional Council (002)
Three G5A-31A Powerheart Automated External Defibrillators (AED) G5 Fully-Automatic compliant with new ARC Guidelines, will be installed in the coming weeks at Mitchell RSL Sport & Recreation Grounds, Amby Hall and Mungallala Sports Grounds for the community to use if and when required.

Deputy Mayor Jan Chambers says Council has partnered with the Mitchell Local Ambulance Committee to increase early access to defibrillators in order to increase survival rates amongst cardiac arrest patients.

“This donation demonstrates a significant commitment of care to the Mitchell and surrounding community.’

“We are extremely thankful for this donation from the Mitchell Local Ambulance Committee, as these defibrillators have the potential to save lives and assist in better outcomes in critical situations like a cardiac arrest.”