Mitchell’s Auxillary and the star grant writer behind it

Grant writing is no easy task, but Marian Harrison from the Mitchell Auxillary has it down to a fine art.

In her role as Treasurer she has been writing grant applications for the past 35 years and her most recent effort has led to the acquisition of a $21,286 bariatric bed.

Marvelle Kerslake, Kerry Cavanough, Kate Field, Anna Cross, Marian Harrison 240316

Marvelle Kerslake, Kerry Cavanough, Kate Field, Anna Cross, Marian Harrison

The new bed assist those at the Mitchell Multipurpose Health Service (MPHS) but her efforts don’t stop just there.

Her applications result in the receipt of at least $20,000 in grants each year for the town’s various community groups.

“Through grant applications by the Meals on Wheels, we’ve furnished almost the entire hospital kitchen!” she explains.

Marian says her strategy in preparing applications is to write concisely, using only dot points and playing to the key ideas.

“Writing the grant applications is all worthwhile in the end,” Marian said.

“Tourists, particularly grey nomads in winter, love our MPHS.

“They’re continually amazed at our facilities and how quickly they can be airlifted to Toowoomba or Brisbane if necessary.”

The dedicated auxiliary has been using a mix of traditional fundraising events and government applications for community grant programs to support the region’s health facilities.

Another success story for the auxiliary was a $10,000 grant for the Caring for Ageing Rural Australians Program.

Money helped to supply small oxygen concentrators for elderly residents suffering from respiratory conditions.

Previously, older locals relied on large oxygen tanks which restricted activity outside of their homes but now they can use more portable small concentrators when venturing further afield.


Mitchell relies on the town’s older residents especially to make the health facility funding a reality through their raffle ticket sales and fundraisers.

Volunteers run The Old Shop in Mitchell and all proceeds go towards the auxillary so don’t be a stranger, pop in and say hello! You might even be able to pick up a tip or two for your next grant application.