Veteran MP Bruce Scott prepares for looming retirement


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Bruce Scott Maranoa LNP

There’s talk of a federal election as early as mid year, and for veteran MP Bruce Scott, that means retirement could be just months away.

Last week, he visited the Roma Men’s Shed to hear plans for their future development.

Mr Scott says groups like the men’s shed play a very key role in the Maranoa community…and not just for making billy carts.

With retirement approaching, the Roma Men’s Shed might just become part of his weekly routine.

“I certainly will be supporting them,” he said.

“What my life will be post Parliament is yet to be determined. There’s many things I have in mind but until you’re out of Parliament and you’ve covered all the bases and the thank yous and the appreciation that I have to express to so many people, then I’ll sit down and think where do I go from here.”

He says he’s proud of the 25 years he has spent representing the Maranoa.

“When I look at the Warrego Highway, look at the Landsborough Highway, look at the extension of mobile phones and the improvements I’ve seen and been part of delivering as part of government, I feel a sense of pride as I leave the parliament that Maranoa has seen improvement and got it’s share of revenue from the Commonwealth over my time as the member,” he says.

But you won’t see him slowing down any time soon.

“I’ve got more work to do in Parliament. We’ve got a budget in Canberra that still needs to be brought down.

“I’ve still, as Deputy Speaker of the House, a lot of work to do in Canberra as Parliament sits before my retirement.”

Bruce Scott was first elected as the Member for Maranoa in 1990 and earlier this year celebrated his 25th anniversary in Federal Parliament.

He’ll be remembered in Federal Parliament as a champion for the bush and for our war veterans.

Warwick’s David Littleproud has been nominated by the LNP as their candidate for the Maranoa in the next election.