MP Wants Your Thoughts

Member for Warrego Ann Leahy says she wants community discussion about mobile phones in our schools.

In the wake of a raft of publicity surrounding the issue of bullying Ms Leahy says she wants to hear from the horse’s mouth about banning mobile phones use by children in school hours.

“I wish to have the discussion about the pros and cons of banning the use of mobile phones during school hours.”

“This is all about ensuring children are more active and encouraging them to interact face to face, instead of behind screens.”

“I am interested in the feelings and views of parents, children, principals, teachers and the wider community on this issue.”

Ms Leahy says that as a community we need to help our children develop social skills and understand the risks of online world.

“Unfortunately, mobile phones are an easy weapon of choice for bullies and there’s merit in discussing access to these devices during school hours.”

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