Murray-Darling Basin Plan Good to Go

Federal Agriculture Minister David Littleproud has announced that agreement has now been reached with the Labor Party on the Murray darling Basin Plan.

The Minister says that now means that despite green opposition, the plan can proceed.


“We’ll deliver the entire Murray Darling Basin Plan, including the Northern Basin Review. I reached out across the aisle to seek bipartisanship and aimed to provide leadership on this issue from day one. We rarely achieve lasting results by going to war.”

“Labor and Tony Burke created the Plan and I’m delivering it as I promised to. In my short time as Minister I hope to have demonstrated that transparency, integrity and compliance are important to me. Given this, I’m rapt with adjustments which will now be made to the Plan.”

The Minister says Labour sought more clarity and firm assurances on a number of issues.

“The Government has reiterated its commitment to the 450 gigalitres, with zero negative social and economic impacts, and the process of attaining it can now begin.”

“There will be annual meetings and technical workshops on the SDL, projects and constraints removal, giving transparency on the delivery of the projects.”

“This agreement finally provides certainty to the two million people who live in the Basin. People who are fatigued from the stress of not knowing how much water – the economic driver for most of these communities – will be in their district next year. Not knowing if farmers will make money and employ people next year; not knowing if their own families, farms and businesses will be hurt.”

People and communities can finally move forward knowing government is at last starting to get out of their lives.