Native Algae Found in Roma’s Railway Dam

Community Concerns about algae found growing at the Railway Dam in Roma have been allayed with the plants found to be native algae that poses no threat.

Chara 3
Maranoa Regional Council has been quick to investigate the surface plants following reports from locals.

They located the algae in Roma’s Railway Dam over the past month and sent samples for testing.

The samples were inspected and tested by Queensland Herbarium’s weed detection program have been identified as native algae.

It’s a species of algae from the family Chara, which is naturally occurring and causes no damage nor threat to local wildlife.

Councillor Wendy Newman, Portfolio Chair for Pest Management says the algae poses no current threat and has flourished after heavy rains in March which flushed nutrients into the Railway Dam.

“As the algae uses up nutrients in the water and as the weather cools off, the algae will slowly die off. Its presence in the Railway Dam is a good thing, as it is a local endemic native found in still water across many parts of the Maranoa.”

Council says they’re grateful to residents for their vigilance in reporting the plant.