New diabetes doctor visits town

Dr Aranha (1)

Dr Algenes Aranha will visit the local region to help patients with Diabetes

Local diabetes patients can look forward to getting the extra care they need with visiting specialist services commencing from this week.

Gold Coast endocrinologist, Dr Algenes Aranha visited Roma on Monday 8 February for consultations with patients and will continue quarterly visits across the region.

It’s part of an initiative by the swhhs to support those with chronic disease and will be run in conjunction with current telehealth services.

Roma-based Diabetes Educator Sonia Small says the new visiting service will allow patients who feel uncomfortable participating in telehealth to speak with a physician face to face.

The service comes after a visit to Roma, Surat, St George and Mitchell last October.

Sonia Small says there is room for service to grow with demand.

“The new new service is good news for people with diabetes or those suffering from other endocrine disorders including thyroid, low testosterone, pituitary problems, polycystic ovaries or osteoporosis,” says Ms Small.

“Initially, Dr Aranha will visit every four months but this could change if there is much support.”

Patients will need a referral from their GP if they wish to have a consult with Dr Aranha.

A support group for for Type 2 Diabeties patients using telehealth services starts Monday 15 February starting next week

The region hasn’t had such a service since the retirement of flying diabetes physician, Dr Doug Birrell in April 2014.