Queensland Commits


Queensland today joined with other Murray Darling Basin states and the Australian Government in committing to the Murray-Darling Basin Compliance Compact to ensure the future of Queensland water users who rely on it to manage their farming operations. Through this agreement, Queensland will now … [Read more...]

Have Your Say on Old Mine Sites

Old mine site

The State Government has released its Abandoned Mines Discussion Paper today and they’re asking for feedback from communities on how to manage old mine sites. Mines Minister Anthony Lynham says Queensland has a rich mining history, but with that comes a legacy of old mine sites which need … [Read more...]

The Old Bag Runnin’ Out of Time

plastic shopping bags

48 days-Then that is it. Plastic bags with our shopping will be no more, set to go the way of those old, big re-enforced paper bags we phased out decades ago. That move was taken in an effort to save the environment from tree felling. This move also targets environmental concerns with … [Read more...]