Pet Owners on Notice


As the region swelters through some of the hottest weather on record, and in the wake of the death this week of a working Police dog from heat stress, the RSPCA and Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) are warning owners that current summer heat is taking a toll on dog. At most risk are some … [Read more...]

Transport Minister Resigns

stirling hinchcliffe

Minister for Minister for Transport and the Commonwealth Games Stirling Hinchliffe has resigned from the ministry. His resignation follows the South-East Queensland train Roster debarkle which saw mass disruptions to rail services throughout the South East since late last year. Mr Hinchliffe … [Read more...]

No Place Here for Puppy Farms

malnourished dog

The discovery of malnourished dogs, some in need of urgent veterinary care, at a remote rural property near Goondiwindi, has firmed the State Government stance on puppy farms. Agriculture Minister Bill Byrne says there’s no place in Queensland for cruel and unethical exploitation of dogs for … [Read more...]