Business Owners Beware

Scam alert

Police are warning of a scam e-mail doing the rounds. The pictured email is targeting Australian businesses and is in circulation around the region per Police. While it presents with an apparently authentic ASIC (Australian Securities and Investments Commission) logo and the Australian … [Read more...]

Stolen Weaners, Roma

brand 2

Police from the Roma Stock and Rural are currently investigating the theft of 27 Brahman cross weaners from a property about 100 klms south of Roma. According to Police the weaners were stolen from inside the stock yards located within the property. The weaners were being fed due to the … [Read more...]

Keep School Zones in Focus

police and school zone pic

Motorists be ready and aware!! The kids are heading back to school, so school zones apply to every school day for the next 10 weeks of term one and that means time to start watching our speed. It would seem we’re not all that good at watching the speedo in school zones and Police say we need … [Read more...]

No Place Here for Puppy Farms

malnourished dog

The discovery of malnourished dogs, some in need of urgent veterinary care, at a remote rural property near Goondiwindi, has firmed the State Government stance on puppy farms. Agriculture Minister Bill Byrne says there’s no place in Queensland for cruel and unethical exploitation of dogs for … [Read more...]

Animal Cruelty Investigation, Glenarbon


Detectives from the Goondiwindi Criminal Investigation Branch (CIB) as well as investigators from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) Queensland have moved quickly after uncovering an alleged puppy farm at a property at Glenarbon. The property has been raided with … [Read more...]

Bail Denied


24 -year -old Michael Colin Hicks has been denied bail in a Dalby Court in relation to charges he faces over a crime spree in Roma during the week. Hicks is charged with 19 offences including burglary, arson, unlawful use of a motor vehicle and dangerous operation of a motor vehicle relating to … [Read more...]

The BLITZ -The Next Phase


Police have praised the majority of Queensland motorists following a decrease in both traffic crashes and traffic offences during the Festive Break phase of the Christmas Road Safety Campaign. For now, the 50-day Christmas Road Safety Campaign is in phase three – ‘School Holidays’ until 11.59pm … [Read more...]