Portfolios appointed for Maranoa Regional Council 2016-2020

Maranoa Regional Council Portfolios Councillors

We voted, they were elected and now each of our 9 Maranoa Regional Councillors have been appointed a portfolio for the term to come.

At their first general meeting in their new roles, on April 27, the portfolios were allocated as follows:

Mayor Tyson Golder

  • Government Relations (Federal, State, Local)
  • Major Stakeholder Engagement (e.g. Industry, CSG)
  • Executive Management (in line with Council policies)
  • Disaster Management

Deputy Mayor Jan Chambers

  • Finance
  • Elected Member Services
  • Community Engagement (Information, Consultation, Participation)
  • Major Projects (e.g. Flood Mitigation)

Cr Robyn Bryant

  • Planning & Building
  • Rural Services (Stock Routes, Wild Dogs, Pest Management)

Cr Puddy Chandler

  • Tourism & Arts
  • Community Safety

Cr Peter Flynn

  • Saleyards
  • Youth, Recreation & Sport

Cr Geoff McMullen

  • Towns & Surrounds (Town Streets, Beautification, Parks, Gardens, Cemeteries, Footpaths)
  • Environment & Waste

Cr Cameron O’Neil

  • Facilities, Airports & Events
  • Economic Development & Advocacy

Cr David Schefe

  • Utilities (Water, Sewerage & Gas)
  • Geothermal Energy
  • Local Business

Cr Janelle Stanford

  • Community & Social Services
  • Rural Roads & Grids

The portfolio system allows each Councillor to represent a different area of Council  at various events and as spokesperson through the region.

Maranoa Mayor Tyson Golder said this system allows for Councillors to be across the workings of their allocated areas of interest.

“As Council covers a range of areas and business matters, splitting portfolios between us means that we can each focus on our different areas,” Cr Golder said.

“Although I am here and available to talk with all residents about all Council matters,  the portfolio system provides another point of contact for residents looking to talk with someone about a specific topic of Council.”